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Deep Shit: Paradigms and Politics of Machine Intelligence

A talk with Dr. Paul Feigelfeld in the framework of the lecture series AM I AI? Into the deep of AI. Recorded: 25.11.21

Deep Shit explores the paradigms, politics and paranoia emerging from the field of Machine Learning and so-called Artificial Intelligence and tries to trace its media and cultural histories. Technologies tend to write their own stories and significantly co-author our realities – a peculiar agency that is sometimes hard to accept for human intelligence. Intelligence, however, has always been artificial. Today more than ever, power, control and their abuse and capitalisation stand against democratisation, equal distribution and access – the talk tries to raise more questions about this.

Paul Feigelfeld is currently professor for Knowledge Cultures in the Digital Age at the Institute for Design Research at the Braunschweig University of Art as well as a researcher and teacher at the Cross-Disciplinary Strategies program at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. He studied Cultural Studies and Computer Science at Humboldt-Universität in Berlin and was Friedrich Kittler's assistant. For the past ten years, he also worked internationally as a writer, teacher and curator (Uncanny Values. Artificial Intelligence & You, Vienna Biennial 2019).

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