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All audiences

A visit to Casino Luxembourg can be approached in different ways. While the individual visit allows a personal encounter with the artwork and encourages a critical spirit, the guided tours with our mediators are designed to stimulate an exchange around the work of the artists and provide a contextualisation of the artworks. In this way, the tour of the exhibition becomes a shared experience while providing additional keys to understanding and interesting additional information. The paper guides, the exhibition signage and our very own Casino Channel also provide a variety of media to accommodate audiences of all ages. 

Guided tours

If you have any questions about current exhibitions, do not hesitate to request a mediator at the reception at any time for a short visit. Every Thursday evening at 19:00 and every Sunday at 15:00, a mediator will show you the current exhibition.

Vernissage de l'exposition LAb[au] – If Then Else. Photo : Eric Chenal

Guided tours for parents with babies

We offer tours for parents accompanied by their very young children (0-24 months) in baby carriers or strollers. Every last Friday of the month, starting at 11:00, parents and their children take advantage of a special time to explore the Casino in the company of a mediator.

Visites guidées parents-bébés