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Mobile artwork: Casino is coming to you

Casino Luxembourg reaches out to audiences through an itinerant work of art Even if it’s not true, it’s well found (2023) by artist David Bernstein.



© Lola Pertsowsky

The title Even if it’s not true, it’s well found is a literal translation of the Italian expression Se non e vero, e ben trovato, a reply one might give to someone to indicate that one believes their story to be made up but still worth telling.

David Bernstein's project for Casino Luxembourg consists of three sculptures designed to be manipulated and each made of a different material – silver, laminated hardwood, polished epoxy clay – so as to allow for different tactile experiences. According to the artist, their forms are inspired by ancestral ritual instruments, the human body and post-modern design objects.

Through this work, Bernstein (born 1988; lives and works in Brussels and Amsterdam) and then the mediators invite the participants to imagine a story around these sculptures and to complete it with personal anecdotes. This story is then told to another group at the next session.

The aim of this collective project is to get to know each other and to celebrate the power of imagination, which makes it possible to approach the same subject from several angles and apply different readings to it, as the artist points out: ‘I like the idea that one thing can be several things at once, because this generates freedom and joy in the way we look at art.’

At the end of the four encounters, David Bernstein will compile the stories into a book, to be published in 2024. The team at Casino Luxembourg will then take over the artwork and use it to reach out to audiences beyond its permanent premises.

Photos: © Lola Pertsowsky

2022 Donation

Les Amis des Musées Luxembourg have contributed to the production of this mobile work of art through their generous annual donation. In partnering with Casino Luxembourg, they are actively helping to disseminate and make contemporary art accessible to all audiences, while supporting the work and career of a young artist.

In 2014, Les Amis des Musées Luxembourg provided financial support towards the production of another permanent work at Casino Luxembourg, Beautiful Steps #10 by the artists duo Lang/Baumann, which takes the shape of a white fibreglass balcony on the north façade of the building overlooking Rue Notre-Dame.

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