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Impulse talk on Design and AI by Marc Engenhart

Interactive talk with an intelligent element sensoring the audience

The co-creation of man and machine has connected us designers for many decades. We as designers use our software tools and helpful digital working environments every day. But what does it mean when these environments and tools fundamentally change to become machine intelligent? What does it mean when we can design products and media that can recognise environment and thus fundamentally change the interaction with humans? What is the advantage for us as designers? How can we use the potential of data as a design material? How does this affect aesthetics and is there a future of design methodology as we know it? 

Marc Engenhart is a designer, artist and co-author of the recently published book Design und künstliche Intelligenz: Theoretische und praktische Grundlagen der Gestaltung mit maschinell lernenden Systemen (2022, Birkhäuser Basel). 

Photo: © Marc Engenhart

European Design Festival

In English

Free admission