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meet annelies

Meet Annelies (NL)

L.A. Raeven

Spcial tour with Anne Havik, mediator

in the context of the exhibition My Last Will

In Dutch

What do you do when you see someone crying? Do you approach that person, or do you face away? And what about yourself? Do you hide from others when you feel sad? 

The so-called ‘ugly’ side of life is often ignored. It is taboo, as if, by avoiding looking at it, you can make it disappear. With their project Annelies, Looking for Completion, the artist duo L.A. Raeven invites you to question this flight-response. What is the consequence of such an attitude for people who are in despair, and what happens if we learn to look the beast in the eye, and accept it for what it is: a part of life? Are you brave enough to meet Annelies? 

Anne Havik holds a master’s degree in philosophy from Amsterdam University. After moving back to Luxembourg, she worked as a teacher and a journalist before finally finding her fulfilment as an art mediator at different museums in Luxembourg. 

Photo: L.A. Raeven, Annelies, Looking for Completion (2018), as seen in My Last Will, Casino Luxembourg – Forum d'art contemporain, 2024

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