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Screen cultures. About technologies  and practices

By Sabine Himmelsbach, director of HeK – House of Electronic Arts Basel and publisher of "Entangled Realities. Living with Artificial Intelligence", Basel, Christoph Merian Verlag, 2019

Screens are all around us. The mobile phone almost feels like an extension of the body, we view and respond to messages continuously, post images and videos, always online, always connected. The presentation will reflect life in the digital condition and the complex relationship between humans and screens by presenting examples from the curatorial practice at HeK, House of Electronic Arts Basel – from screen based works to augmented and virtual reality, where the framed world of the screen is dissolving into an immersive experience.

Since March 2012, Sabine HIMMELSBACH is the new director of HeK (House of Electronic Arts Basel). After studying art history in Munich she worked for galleries in Munich and Vienna from 1993–1996 and later became project manager for exhibitions and conferences for the Steirischer Herbst Festival in Graz, Austria. In 1999 she became exhibition director at the ZKM | Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe. From 2005–2011 she was the artistic director of the Edith-Russ-House for Media Art in Oldenburg, Germany.Her exhibition projects include Fast Forward (2003), Coolhunters (2004), Ecomedia (2007), MyWar (2010) and Culture(s) of Copy (2011).

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