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Creative Machine learning and the power of intelligent systems for Design Futurists - A hands-on approach workshop

With Marc Engenhart

In this workshop we experimentally discover how to use intelligent tools as design tools and integrate them into our individual design process. In a second part we talk to the machine, show it how it understands our gesture, design language and investigate qualities. Finally, we develop small and simple prototypes that can facilitate our everyday life as helpful colleagues. This workshop is for designers of all disciplines. Bring a phrase of your favourite artist written on a sheet of paper, your smartphone and if possible, a laptop with a camera, as well as an email address to which you have access.

Marc Engenhart is a designer, artist and co-author of the recently published book Design und künstliche Intelligenz: Theoretische und praktische Grundlagen der Gestaltung mit maschinell lernenden Systemen (2022, Birkhäuser Basel). 

Photo: © Marc Engenhart

European Design Festival

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