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Haptic Sound

Patrick Muller (LU), Robert Heel (DE), artistes sonores

Workshop for adults and teenagers (14+) with Patrick Muller (LU) and Robert Heel (DE)

The participants of the workshop bring along an object of their choice of the approximate size of a shoe box. After a brief introduction to the topic of sound, the participants provide their objects with a contact microphone to transform them into a kind of electroacoustic instrument that generates sound through haptics – touching, swiping, tapping. The various sound objects are then assembled to form a homogeneous and coordinated sculpture. Audio effects and digital logic circuits can be programmed optionally.

The result is a sound sculpture – an experimental musical instrument made of different instruments – that can be experienced by visitors at Casino Luxembourg until 23 February 2020. 

Languages: LU, DE, ENAdmission fee: 30 EUR Registration: 

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