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Quel drôle d’autoportrait !

What a strange self-portrait!

Holiday workshop with Anne Speltz, photographer

Who am I? How would I like to be perceived by others?   

During this workshop, the children create their own photographic portrait and learn about the cyanotype process. The results are assembled in a giant collage to create an authentic or fantastic self-portrait!   

Anne Speltz is a young photographer from Luxembourg, working mainly in documentary photography. She is interested in social issues and the notion of representation.


Ages 7-12 ans   
Participation: 14€/12€ with the KLIK-Kaart / 1,50€ with the Kulturpass  
Max. 10-12 participants
Registration deadline: 3 days in advance   
Supervision provided during the lunch break (12:00-13:30).
Don't forget to bring a snack and lunch for the morning and lunch breaks.



Quel drôle d’autoportrait !

Holders of the KLIK-Kaart or the Kulturpass: Your card will be asked at the reception desk.

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