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LA raeven

What's looking at me?

Workshop with psychoanalyst Georgette Schosseler (Freud Lacan Gesellschaft Berlin) as part of the exhibition My Last Will  

What's looking at me? Does it have anything to do with me?  Contemporary art as contact with the personality of each individual. This workshop will address the following points:

- Encounter / contemplation / discussion in front of the works  

- The participant allows the work to look at him/her.  

- Sketching (of a point of view, an idea or a memory).  

- conversation (visitor / sketch / work of art)

Photo: L.A. Raeven, Annelies, Looking for Completion (2018), Casino Luxembourg – Forum d'art contemporain, 2024

Workshop 18+

Language: LU / DE / FR

Free admission. Reservation:

Next date:

Sat 31.08, 16:00