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Joyeuse Apocalypse !

Jérôme Zonder

07.10.2023 - 07.01.2024

Curator: Kevin Muhlen 

Joyeuse Apocalypse ! was specifically conceived and produced by the French artist Jérôme Zonder for the spaces on the first floor of Casino Luxembourg. Drawn to and inspired by the venue's architecture and the distinctive exhibition halls, Zonder launched into the creation of an immersive exhibition which, in keeping with his artistic work, exploits the possibilities of black and white drawing with graphite pencils and charcoal, in so doing, exploring the idea of portraits and the practice of drawing, in general. Where Zonder attempts to elicit a confrontation with and physical exploration of his drawings, the Joyeuse Apocalypse ! exhibition follows this approach on the scale of the actual venue. Made up of drawings both in situ and on paper, as well as sculptural works, Joyeuse Apocalypse !  plunges us into a polygraphic environment with multiple references and where popular culture, images from the news, politics and sociological subjects meet. The motifs as a whole suggest a party – the following days or the memories which remain  – divided into five periods of time (like a Waltz), which develop in a  loop over the entire exhibition area, from floor to ceiling.

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