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Silver Memories

Daphné Le Sergent

3.4 – 6.6.2021

Curator: Paul di Felice (Café-Crème a.s.b.l.)

When contemplating the end of silver ore and looking at a silver halide photograph, are we possibly observing our own finitude? Daphné Le Sergent   

As part of the 8th edition of the European Month of Photography, titled "Rethinking Nature / Rethinking Landscape", the Korean-born French artist Daphné Le Sergent (b. 1975) presents Silver Memories, a series of landscape representations combining photography, drawing and video. 

Based on the assessment that silver ore is becoming increasingly rare, Le Sergent constructs a hybrid artistic narrative where analogue photography plays a pivotal role in investigating topical artistic, economic and ecological issues. Consisting of a video projection and an installation of photographs and photo-drawings created specifically for the exhibition space at Casino Luxembourg, her sensitive multimedia work charts the production of silver halide film from mining to stock market variations.

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