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I, we and the bodies in the space

Through movement, form and colour to the image

Holiday workshop with artist Hannah Mevis

What is your favourite colour?  

How does your favourite jumper make you feel?  

Are there times you wish you didn't comb your hair, you would go to school in your pyjamas or eat your favourite food three times a day? And then you ask yourself why that shouldn't be okay?  

In the workshop Me, we and the bodies in the space we focus on what we like and how that feels. As soon as we got to know each other, we build a landscape in which our feelings are reflected. This is created, for example, with the help of colourful fabrics, cords, large cardboard boxes or small details. The installation of our landscape then becomes our stage on which we transform into living sculptures together.   

Please bring along:  

A favourite item e.g. a piece of clothing, book, a stuffed toy, a plant, a shell, a found pebble etc., anything is possible and will only be used to give the installation more identity. 

Image: © Hannah Mevis




Ages 7-12

Participation: 14 € / 12 € with the KLIK-Kaart / 1,50 € with the Kulturpass. Registration deadline: 3 days in advance. Please bring a picnic for the lunch from 12:00 to 13:30 (supervised by the Casino team) and a snack for the break at 10:00.

ATTENTION: The free rate applies to Saturday workshops only



Moi, Nous et les corps dans la pièce

Holders of the KLIK-Kaart or the Kulturpass: Your card will be asked at the reception desk.

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