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Milieus of [Fictions] in Milieus

Agnieszka Antkowiak, Emma Dupré, Seohyeon Kim, Maitiú Mac Cárthaigh, Alexis Puget, Josefina Sundblad
Charles Rouleau

Exhibition open from Wednesday to Saturday, from 13:00 to 18:00

VENUE : Casino Display, 1, rue de la Loge, L-1945 Luxembourg

Since September, the artists in the 2023-24 edition of Casino Display's artistic research laboratory have been examining the relationship between milieu and fiction. The environment can be defined as the perceptual world in which humans and non-humans evolve. Fictions, on the other hand, can be stories, technologies or systems created as a medium to encapsulate or explore the unknown.

In this exhibition, which concludes this cycle of research, the artists intervene on these two levels, questioning the fictions that maintain outdated concepts, 'fictionalising' alternatives, and engaging in fictional and conceptual displacements.  

Image credit: Alexis Puget

Casino Display


Friday 02.02.2024, 19 h 00 - 20 h 45

Drinks & snacks

19:30 – 19:45: The LuxLux, a cable for a future of Romance and Connectivity in Luxembourg - A presentation by Emma Dupré  

Continuous from 20:00: “vivarium” – a performative interpretation of serendipitous engagements. -  Performance by Josefina Sundblad in collaboration with Ivan Labalestra