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No one is left behind

No one is left behind

Jennifer Lopes Santos

Christmas creative workshop

In the framework of the exhibition Jours de lenteur

Ages 7-12 

Jennifer Lopes Santos, a multidisciplinary artist, proposes a workshop where recycling is put forward. Spontaneous textile art is created so that each little piece of fabric finds its place and is not thrown away. From weaving to collage, the choices are varied for a colourful assembly. 

Art Workshop

Participation: € 14 / € 12 with the KLIK-Kaart / € 1.50 with the Kulturpass. If there are less than 3 registrations, the workshop will not take place (registration deadline 3 days in advance). Please bring a picnic for the lunch from 12:00 to 13:30 (supervised by the Casino team) and a snack for the break at 10:00.



No one is left behind — SOLD OUT

14 €
KLIK-Kaart: 12 €
Kulturpass: 1,50 € 

à régler à la reception / to be paid at reception / vor Ort zahlen