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ndm 23

Nuit des Musées

From 17:00 to 01:00, the 22nd edition of Nuit des Musées awaits you on with a special programme of performances, DJs, music, special guided tours, workshops, and culinary surprises at the seven participating museums in Luxembourg City.

Free shuttle buses are available to make the night's journey easier.


Guided tours of the new exhibitions:
Jérôme Zonder – Joyeuse Apocalypse ! (Curator: Kevin Muhlen)
Tessa Perutz – How to Map the Infinite (Curator: Stilbé Schroeder)

With the curators: 19:00 (LU/DE) | 20:00 (FR) | 22:00 (EN)
With a mediator: 17:30 & 21:30 (LU/DE) | 18:30 & 21:00 (FR) | 19:30 & 20:30 (EN)

Open workshop: SMELLI-GRAPHIE – My screen-printed, scented postcard (all ages)
17:00 – 22:00

Silkscreen workshop with illustrator and designer Irina Moons, as part of the exhibition How to Map the Infinite by Tessa Perutz

Illustrator Irina Moons has set up her silkscreen workshop in the Casino's "Aquarium". Inspired by the vivid colors in the works of artist Tessa Perutz, participants use an array of shapes and colours to create a postcard motif, which is then printed using the screen-printing technique. Finally, the postcard is completed with a message in words or scents, addressed to oneself or to someone else. And there you have it, ready to send or take home.

Reading for children: Den Emil an d'Maschinn by Isabelle Marinov (Éditions Guy Binsfeld) | 30 min.
18:30 (FR) with Iina Cao | 19:30 (LU) with Isabelle Marinov | 20:15 (EN) with Isabelle Marinov

Den Emil an d'Maschinn tells the story of a little boy who didn't want to visit an art gallery with his class. He'd rather go to the beach to collect seashells. But the more time he spends surrounded by all these different works of art, the more questions he starts to ask...

Coup de coeur with Lukas Held
19:00 & midnight (LU/DE)

Lukas Held, born in 1988, studied philosophy and literary theory in Louvain-La-Neuve, Prague and Toulouse. He teaches philosophy at the Lycée de Garçons Luxembourg and the Lycée des Arts et Métiers. Since 2019, he has been working freelance at Radio 100.7, where he hosts the "Seismograph" programme, among others, and provides philosophical commentary on current affairs. In addition, he is one of the hosts of the philosophy podcast "Held & Retter".

Deep listening session with Mnemozine and guests: Intercellar
18:00 until midnight (Casino's wine cellars)

The Mnemozine collective presents Intercellar, a musical performance in which different sonic universes collide, intermingle and generate a chaos that invites deep listening. In this dense sonic bath, counterpoints will emerge and disappear just as quickly; rhythms will form, only to be broken again as time stretches and contracts until it is striated, finally crumbling into a granular cloud. During this performance, the cellars of Casino Luxembourg will be transformed into fields of sonic uncertainty, liminal acoustic spaces where unstable and ephemeral assemblages of musical impulses will intersect.

- Mnemozine 
- k cidder 
- Sam Erpelding 
- Katzenweib 
- Carte blanche for a guest: NoNothing Sounds

Closing Concert: SHEEBABA
00:15 - 01:00

SHEEBABA's genre-bending proto-wave, somewhere between kitsch and noise, stings listeners with visions of a lost future.

SHEEBABA is a Luxembourgish art rock/wave duo based in Mainz, Germany. Eliott Eccho & Prof. Costello began their career in 2019. SHEEBABA's sound has been described as "artschool-wave". Their concerts blur the boundaries between performance art and concert, incorporating elements of mechanical noise. Their catalogue includes songs in English, German and French. SHEEBABA paints a vast picture of pop culture references, offering listeners and viewers alike a twisted vision of a lost future.

Culinary Night

Satori TukTuk with seasonal dishes by Public House


Presale (until 14.10.2023, 14:00):

Adults > 26 years of age: 10 €
16-26 years of age: 3 €
Children < 16 years of age / Kulturpass / Amis des Musées : free


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