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an·other voice

Judith Deschamps

Exhibition from 18.02 to 16.04.2023

Curators: Kevin Muhlen, Stilbé Schroeder

The exhibition an·other voice is the result of a long research project that the French artist Judith Deschamps carried out with the Institut de recherche et coordination acoustique/musique (Ircam) in Paris in collaboration with the researchers Frederik Bous and Axel Roebel, singers of different ages and tessituras and the composer António Sá-Dantas. Together they sought to reinvent, by means of deep neural networks, an 18th century aria that the Italian castrato Farinelli used to sing every night to the King of Spain to soothe his melancholy.

Scenography: Gaëtan Rusquet with the participation of Stefan Kartchev
In partnership with Institut de recherche et coordination acoustique/musique – Ircam, Équipe Analyse et synthèse des sons – Laboratoire STMS, La Fondation des Artistes

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