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I dreamed I was a house

Ulla von Brandenburg (DE), Julie Favreau (CA), Anna Hulačová (CZ), Aurora Sander (NO), Markus Selg (DE), Alvaro Urbano (ES)

7.6 — 8.9.2019curateur(s): insitu collective

I dreamed I was a house is an immersive exhibition curated by insitu collective that unlocks the psychological potential of the domestic home. In psychoanalysis, dreaming of a house is considered to be a reflection of one's self, whereby the individual spaces relate to different facets of our personality. In a similar direction, this exhibition will overlay two types of 'interior spaces' - the mind and the home - so that the architecture of the home evokes the hidden depths of the human psyche: from the vortex of the hallway, to the social façade of the dining room, to the intimacy of the bedroom, and down to the shadowy subconscious, hidden in the basement.Video by SKIN

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