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Ceci n'est pas un Casino

Ceci n'est pas un Casino Luxembourg, 2010
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Sixteen artists turn the visitor to the exhibition into a gambler in the Casino, which is not a casino... The ambiguity is at its height, as the exhibition coincides with the 15th anniversary of the Casino as an exhibition space. The retrospective gesture is expressed in the catalogue, which, in addition to an introduction to the exhibition by curators Kevin Muhlen and Jo Kox, a study on gambling by psychiatrist Paul Rauchs, an analysis of the ludic in the history of art by Bettina Steinbrügge, contains texts on the history of the building and its multiple uses, by Marc Jeck, Paul Reiles and Didier Damiani.

Artists: Pierre Ardouvin, Robert Barta, Patrick Bérubé, Marc Bijl, Hermine Bourgadier, Antoinette J. Citizen, Courtney Coombs, Jacob Dahlgren, Paul Kirps, Walter Langelaar, Annika Larsson, Ian Monk, Laurent Perbos, Letizia Romanini, Stéphane Thidet, Olaf Val


French, German, English


Marc Jeck, Bettina Steinbrügge, Didier Damiani, Paul Rauchs, Kevin Muhlen/Jo Kox


01.05 – 05.09.2010, Casino Luxembourg


180 pages, colour and b/w illustrations, 480×300 mm

Published by

Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain, Luxembourg, 2010

ISBN 978-2-919893-83-1



Collective books