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Élodie Huet – Restore Hope

Elodie Huet, Restore Hope, 2011
Artist residencies

Publication edited in the framework of Élodie Huet’s artist residency at Casino Luxembourg. The French artist retraces her wanderings through the streets of Luxembourg City through photographs of “non-touristy” places or simply non-places. These images, printed in the form of a series of 30 postcards for free distribution, were stored in wooden displays to be taken away by visitors to the Casino Luxembourg. Élodie Huet’s work is generally defined by assembling, disassembling and dispersing and questions the modes of presentation and circulation of art.


French, English


Jean-Jacques Dumont, Kevin Muhlen



09.07 – 11.09.2011, Casino Luxembourg


40 p., colour illus.; 148×210 mm; set of 30 postcards (postcard insert on the cover)

Published by

Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain, Luxembourg, 2011

ISBN 978-2-919893-95-5



Artist residencies