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En attente

En attente, 2005
Collective books

Our relationship to time and our perception of it scrutinised through the prism and specific experience of waiting – from its most trivial and everyday manifestation as an “in-between moment” to its more existential dimension – are the themes addressed.

Artists: Darren Almond, Sarah Jones, Sharon Lockhart, Rashid Masharawi, Roman Ondak, Hans Op de Beeck, Roman Opalka, Nicolas Pinier, Santiago Sierra


French, trans. English


Hélène Guenin and Christine Walentiny, Robert Levine


en attente

16.07 – 18.09.2005, Casino Luxembourg

Pages (in 2 volumes)

80 p., ill. & b/w ; 17×23 cm; biographical notes

Published by

Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain, Luxembourg, 2005


Philippe Dabasse, Paris

ISBN 2-919893-56-4



Collective books