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Etés, 2006
Collective books

étés is the conclusion, the testimony and at the same time the reminder of a series of three exhibitions presented at the Casino Luxembourg on the idea of Michel Assenmaker, Éric Brunier and Enrico Lunghi in 1997 (Un bel été), 2001 (stanley brouwn) and 2003 (Un bel été 3). For the summers, each of the three curators was free to make a contribution of his or her choice, whether in the form of an interview with the French artist Sylvie Blocher on her perception of the three exhibitions (Enrico Lunghi), an analysis of On Kawara’s approach (Éric Brunier), or by imagining an exhibition bringing together Marcel Broodthaers and Pablo Picasso, between L’éloge du sujet and Fenêtre ouverte.




Michel Assenmaker, Sylvie Blocher, Éric Brunier, Yves Gevaert, Enrico Lunghi


72 p., ill. in colour; 19.5×26 cm


Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain, Luxembourg, and Yves Gevaert éditions, Brussels, June 2006


Filiep Tacq, Ghent/Madrid

ISBN 2-912688-62-9



Collective books