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HLYSNAN - The Notion and Politics of Listening, 2014
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In Old English, the word hlysnan means “to listen” and the focus is on the notions of attention and intention. Similarly, HLYSNAN: The Notion and Politics of Listening focuses on the active act not only of hearing – which usually refers to an automatic or passive perception of sound – but more specifically on listening – hearing with intention. The project attempts to reconcile audio practices with contemporary social and political realities.

Artists: Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Angie Atmadjaja, Kader Attia, Nina Beier & Marie Lund, Daniela Brahm & Les Schliesser, Peter Cusack, Clare Gasson, Marco Godinho, Brandon LaBelle, Andra McCartney, John Menick, Udo Noll, Emeka Ogboh, Yoko Ono, Susan Schuppli, Christine Sullivan &

Rob Flint, Christine Sun Kim, Valerie Tevere & Angel Nevarez, John Wynne




Berit Fischer (curator) and foreword by Kevin Muhlen (curator). Additional contributions by Andra McCartney, Christine Sun Kim, Brandon LaBelle, Udo Noll and John Wynne


HLYSNAN – The Notion and Politics of Listening

17.05 – 07.09.2014


152 p., col. ill.; 185×245 mm,

hard cover


Arnaud Mouriamé, Luxembourg

Published by

Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain, Luxembourg, 2014

ISBN 978-99959-30-23-3



Collective books