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Nedko Solakov - A 12 ¹/³ (and even more) Year Survey (Out of stock)

Nedko Solakov - A 12 ¹/³ (and even more) Year Survey

This is the first major monographic and retrospective catalogue of the Bulgarian artist Nedko Solakov who, since the late 1980s, has used narrative as a specific instrument in an artistic process that is full of poetry and humour but never without a certain critical eye. His narratives are the result of his fertile imagination and create a personal artistic universe of drawings, paintings, installations, videos and performances, in which he deals with personal subjects as well as universal themes.


English; trans. German


Saul Anton, Iara Boubnova, Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, Jordan Kantor, Daniel Kurjakovic, Nedko Solakov


Nedko Solakov / A 12 1/3 (and even more) Year Survey:

13.12.2003 – 07.03.2004, Casino Luxembourg


220 p., ill. coul. & b/w ; 21×21,7 cm ; biogr. (selected), bibliogr. (selected), bibliography (selected)


Andreas Nordström, Rooseum Center for Contemporary Art, Malmö


Folio Verlag, Vienna, Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain, Luxembourg, Rooseum Center for Contemporary Art, Malmö, and O.K Centrum für Gegenwartskunst, Linz, December 2003

ISBN 3-85256-266-X