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Raphaël Lecoquierre – Nūbēs


The first publication dedicated to the artist Raphaël Lecoquierre, Nūbēs documents the eponymous series begun in 2010 following the discovery of photographs washed up on the shore of the North Sea. The works in this corpus are produced through a unique process using a vast set of vernacular analog photographs. The images of family, landscapes or other instruments of memory gleaned and accumulated by the artist are dissolved in order to have their coloured substance extracted. The pigments taken are incorporated into Venetian stucco and used as raw material for the creation of patterns which, freed from their figurative referents, transcend memories and representations to create the emergence of nebulous landscapes. Designed and published as part of the Tills exhibition at Casino Luxembourg, the book presents a set of paintings, sculptures and in-situ installations, highlighting facets of their production process, never before revealed.


French / English 

Editorial Coordination 

Sylvain Courbois, Sandra Kolten, Raphaël Lecoquierre, Stilbé Schroeder



06.05 – 10.09.2023
Curators: Kevin Muhlen, Stilbé Schroeder


72 pp., ill. col. 

Graphic design 

Atelier Tout va bien, Dijon


Bruno Voidey, Dijon

Photo credits

Gilles Ribero, Katharina Stütze, Lynn Theisen, Yoann Van Parys, Enrique Vazquez-Heredia Nikiema, We Document Art

Published by

Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain, Luxembourg, Éditions Sylvain Courbois, Lille, 2023 

ISBN 978-2-9564092-4-3