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Something about love

Something about Love, 2003
Collective books

An approach, through selected works, to the different aspects associated with the theme of love. Stories, stagings, allusions and metaphors, treated in the form of photographs, videos and installations, allow for the expression and projection of amorous feelings and prove that, in an age where large-scale confession and the almost systematic display of intimacy are commonplace, the mystery of love remains intact.

Artists: Cristian Alexa, Yvette Brackman, Eva & Adele, Frances Goodman, Jesper Just, Sieglinde Klupsch, Jill Mercedes, Sam Samore, Enzo Umbaca, Iliko Zautashvili, Yi Zhou


French; trans. English


Enrico Lunghi


Something about love

05.07 – 21.09.2003, Casino Luxembourg


52 p., ill. & b/w ; 17× 7 cm;

biogr. (selected), bibliogr. (selected)


Guido Wolff, Luxembourg

Published by

Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain, Luxembourg, July 2003

ISBN 2-919893-44-0



Collective books