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Sophie Bélair Clement – Des formes d’égale résistance

Sophie Bélair Clément, Des formes d'égale résistance, 2013
Artist residencies

The rumour of the possible existence of a lost schema serves not only as a focal point for research, and thus for an exhibition, but also as a driving force for different forms of travel and discovery under the sign of the anecdote and the desire to know. The discovery can sometimes lead to a story, stories, or to History... The choice being determined, most often, by chance...


French, English


Sophie Bélair Clément, Marie-Claire Forté, David Tomas


Des formes d’égale résistance

22.03 – 28.04.2013, Casino Luxembourg


2 volumes of 40 and 32 p., cardboard sleeve with cut-out, 2 dividers with drawings, colour illus.


Simon Guibord, Gatineau, Quebec

Published by

Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain, Luxembourg, 2013

ISBN 978-99959-30-17-2



Artist residencies