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Subjective Atlas of Luxembourg

Subjective Atlas of Luxembourg, 2019
Collective books

Founded by Dutch designer Annelys Devet in 2003, Subjective Editions is an initiative that develops and disseminates participatory map publications from the perspective and in collaboration with local communities. In October 2018, Subjective Editions and Casino Luxembourg organised creative workshops and discussion rounds around the question of Luxembourgish identity(ies). These reflections resulted in a series of drawings, photos, map creations and other fictional flags compiled in the book Subjective Atlas of Luxembourg.




192 p., coloured illus. 165×220 mm

Published by

Subjective Editions, 2019. Annelys Devet in co-publication with Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain, Luxembourg, and Giacomo Piovan, 2019


Alix Bouteleux, Annelys Devet in collaboration with all contributors

ISBN 9789463963459



Collective books