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Todo por la Praxis : TAZ – Temporary Autonomous Zone

Todo por la Praxis: Archives TAZ - Temporary Autonomous Zone, 2015
Artist residencies

Published as part of the 2015 artist residency. The project of the Spanish multidisciplinary collective Todo por la Praxis, invited for a residency in June 2015, consisted in reviving an abandoned public square in the heart of the city of Luxembourg (at the intersection of Boulevard de la

Pétrusse and the Passerelle/Viaduc). The artists proposed an alternative approach to conventional architecture by setting up the TAZ – Temporary Autonomous Zone: an ephemeral space, newly built and composed of elements diverted or not from their original function. The three-storey space encouraged experimentation in every sense of the word (both in the construction itself and in its use), encounters and learning.




Kevin Muhlen, Todo por la Praxis, Christine Walentiny


Todo por la Praxis – Archive TAZ (Temporary Autonomous Zone)

20.06 - 06.09.2015, Casino Luxembourg


36 p.; coloured illustrations; 480×335 mm


Central Intelligence, Luxembourg

Published by

Casino Luxembourg Forum d’art contemporain, Luxembourg, 2015

ISBN 978-99959-30-37-0



Artist residencies