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Traces N°5 (Out of stock)


The fifth edition of Traces presents, in text and image, the year 2014 at Casino Luxembourg. Through the eyes of, among others, contemporary art specialists, the magazine retraces the exhibitions and artists’ residencies that took place in 2014. In particular, it takes stock of five years of artists’ residencies before the change in their concept in 2015. The second part is devoted to educational projects, workshops for adults and projects carried out by young Luxembourg artists for the LABO, Casino Luxembourg’s meeting place for young audiences. Particular emphasis is placed on Casino Luxembourg’s commitment to the promotion of Luxembourg artists, notably through its ARTLX programme and its regular programme of round table discussions (Stamminees) on subjects relating to contemporary art and artists. Finally, Casino Luxembourg’s editorial activity is listed at the end of the section.


French, English, German


Andrea Cinel, Karine Duplan, Christophe Gallois, Bettina Heldenstein, Patricia Huijnen, David Morris, Kevin Muhlen, Rajesh Punj, Anne Reding, Sam Steverlynck, Olivier Surel, Kerstin Thalau


104 p.; coloured illustrations; 215×270 mm

Published by

Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain, Luxembourg, 2015

ISBN 978-99959-30-30-1