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treacle – Sorry for what

Treacle, The changing of the guard, 2013
Artist residencies

What makes a person feel safe? What connotations does the word security have in different regions or different parts of society? These are the questions treacle asked themselves during their residency in Luxembourg. In the course of intense conversations in the street, snippets of conversations, impressions and reflections were put into The changing of the guard, is the title of a comprehensive research that took shape in three projects, all temporary, linked to a specific place, context or action.


German, English


Sarah Israel, Markus Meinzer, treacle, Christine Walentiny


treacle – The changing of the guard

12.07 – 15.09.2013, Casino Luxembourg


70 p.; coloured illustrations; 148×210 mm

Published by

Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain, Luxembourg, 2014


Christina Schmid, Stuttgart

ISBN 978-99959-30-25-7



Artist residencies