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un bel été 3 (Out of stock)

Un bel été 3, 2003
Collective books

Un bel été 3 follows on from the exhibition catalogues Un bel été (1997) and stanley brouwn (2001) and at the same time closes this trilogy. The catalogue is a trace, a mark of an exhibition whose concern and desire is to show works and artists – specially produced works by Stanley Brouwn, three short films by Marguerite Duras, some forty paintings, drawings, sculptures and engravings by Lucio Fontana, and a hundred photographs by Lee Friedlander (twenty of which are shown for the first time) – that no thematic discourse and no historical necessity allowed to be shown together.

Artists: Stanley Brouwn, Marguerite Duras, Lucio Fontana, Lee Friedlander




Michel Assenmaker, Éric Brunier, Enrico Lunghi


Un bel été 3

29.03 – 22.06.2003, Casino Luxembourg


64 p., ill. coul. & b/w;

13,8×18 cm


Patrice Junius, Brussels

Published by

Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain, Luxembourg, June 2003

ISBN 2 -919893-43-2



Collective books