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Wesley Meuris – Foundation for exhibiting art and knowledge

Wesley Meuris, Foundation for exhibiting art and knowledge, 2012
Artist’s books

Artist’s book in the context of Wesley Meuris’ research project FEAK – Foundation for Art and Knowledge. Museographic principles are the foundation of Wesley Meuris’ work. Through the FEAK Foundation, which claims to be the world’s specialist in the development of exhibition concepts and related knowledge, he extends his field of research to themes such as the communication surrounding an exhibition or the phenomenon of the “spectacularisation” of museum institutions, the success of which is measured solely by the number of visitors. The artist thus reveals a process which, like a circular system where entertainment leads to knowledge and vice versa, is conditioned by this interdependence.


French, English, German


Charlotte Klonk, Julia Noordegraaf, Mary Anne Stanizewski


Wesley Meuris – R-05.Q-IP.0001

12.05 – 02.09.2012, Casino Luxembourg


120 p., coloured illustrations; 230×210 mm


Joann & Sisters


Cultuurcentrum Brugge, Bruges, Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain, Luxembourg; Artist Books Limited, Publishers, 2012



Artist’s books