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Casino Display


A place of work, of research, of exchanges and orientation, with the aim of encouraging and supporting young creatives. The programme at Casino Display is arranged by Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain.


By agreement with the Ministry of Culture and with the aim of expanding its reach, from February 2021 Casino Luxembourg has taken over managing the programme for the Konschthaus Beim Engel gallery, now known as Casino Display.

In the absence of art schools in Luxembourg and of relatively institutionalised contemporary art, it was vital to create a platform aimed at promoting the freshest creativity and of supporting the young creatives of today and tomorrow.

One of the roles of Casino Display will be to offer orientation for young people, enabling them to familiarise themselves more easily with the range of creative courses on offer in art schools and the variety of opportunities out there. With this in mind, the Casino Display programme particularly envisages encouraging cross-fertilisation between practices and interdisciplinary encounters.

In parallel with this, a talent search will be undertaken throughout the year in the four schools of art with which Casino Luxembourg has forged partnerships (ÉSAL – École supérieure d’art de Lorraine, Metz/Épinal; ENSAD – École nationale supérieure d’art et de design, Nancy; HEAR – Haute École des arts du Rhin, Strasbourg/Mulhouse; HBKsaar – Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar, Saarbrücken). This talent search and dialogue will be conducted with, at its heart, the possibility for the selected students to exhibit at Casino Display.

In residence

Casino Display also offers a six-month artist residency. It is part of the natural evolution and continuous development of the residency programme that Casino Luxembourg has pursued since 2010. The residency at Casino Display is primarily intended as a time of research and dialogue.

Artist in residence
Lynn Klemmer (07.03 – 31.07.2022)

Lynn Klemmer is a multimedia artist working with video, sound, textiles and digital tools. Her practice attempts to approach the margins defining and differentiating concepts, media and atmospheres, and to tentatively push beyond them. Lines become blurred and new perspectives arise; clear demarcations pass into intricate networks, in which no single point can exist without reference to its relations. Lingering at this crossing, the artist seeks to create an audiovisual space for thinking and sensing the possibility of hybrid realities.

Lynn Klemmer also is the co-founder of Mnemozine, a Luxembourgish interdisciplinary research and art collective which manifests itself as a platform for experiments in philosophy, sociology and contemporary art practice.

In 2021 she participated in Brave New World Order, the Young Art Triennale Luxembourg and the Greater Region organised by Rotondes and Casino Luxembourg.

« During the artist residency provided by Casino Luxembourg, I will explore and develop an artistic approach that looks at the relationship we have with digital technologies like artificial intelligence, computers, interfaces, social media and algorithms. I want to locate areas of conflict and find ways how artistic practice can help, not as a band-aid but as an armour. My art practice seems inexhaustibly fuelled by the fact that I am both equally repelled and attracted by technology. I want to play with it, put it down, pick it up, twist its arm, turn it against itself, expand it, destroy it, rebuild it. I cannot wait to sit down and start thinking about recent technological developments before they become so embedded into our everyday lives that they become invisible to the easily deceived human eye. Yet, at the same time, this residency will allow me to better understand just to what degree my engagement with and expression of these themes and questions are radically personal and subjective. » – Lynn Klemmer

Associate curator
Charles Rouleau 

Charles Rouleau is an artist and researcher from Quebec City, Canada, whose practice is divided into three main areas: sound art, photography and curating. With his work vacillating between the academic and artistic domains, Charles was also selected to be part of the Young Art Triennale – Brave New World Order. . His research focuses on questioning the anthropocentric paradigm, promoting empathy for the plant world and exploring the plurality of sounds and time. 

In 2022, he curated the group exhibition Woven in Vegetal Fabric: On Plant Becomings.

Nadina Faljic 

Nadina Faljic is a curator, freelance mediator and writer based in Luxembourg. She holds an MA  in Curatorial Studies from Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar (HBKsaar) and earned a Bachelor’s in art history at University of Saarland, Germany. From 2018 to 2020 she was a research assistant at the Gallery of HBKsaar and helped to organise numerous of exhibitions. More recently, she was part of the selection committee for the open call Platz machen, organised by the Neuer Saarbrücker Kunstverein. Since 2016 she works as a mediator and guide in various cultural institutions in Luxembourg (Cercle Cité, CNA, MNHA, Rotondes). Her fields of interest include art history and theory, curatorial activism, participation, public art & spaces, the curator-mediator, philosophy, and media theory. 

At Casino Display she curated Andrea Mancini's New Age Landscape (co-curated with Christine Walentiny) and Sticky Flames. Bodies, Objects and Affects, a group exhibition with Alexandre Caretti, Ksenia Khmelnitskaya, Darja Linder, Jonathan Maus and Bruno Oliveira (co-curated with Mnemozine).

Partner schools

École nationale supérieure d’art et de design, Nancy

Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar, Saarbrücken

Haute École des arts du Rhin, Strasbourg/Mulhouse

École supérieure d’art de Lorraine, Metz/Épinal



Casino Display
1, rue de la Loge
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