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Everyday(s), 2010
Collective books

Every day, so many gestures and words – tireless, regular, automatic and most often implicit – allow us to communicate, act and be. The everyday, often associated with a certain banality because of its recurrence and repetitiveness, touches closely on who we are as social and cultural beings. To question the notion of the everyday, to play with what is implicit, is to break with the proper meaning of everyday life. Exposed, these dynamics of gestures and words, absurd for some, violent, of convenience or banal for others, appear as functions, settings and social codes, strategies and human expectations, assumed and accepted as they are in their daily recurrence. The accumulation of everyday life translates the evolution in time and reflects change, rupture, being and disappearing.

Artists: Bruno Baltzer, David Bestue & Marc Vives, Christoph Buchel, Claude Closky, Christine Dupuis & Thorsten Baensch, Cao Fei, Carmit Gil, Takahiro Iwasaki, Christian Mosar, Valerie Mrejen, Paula

Mueller, Danica Phelps, Pavel Smetana, Pier Stockholm, Andrijana Stojkovic’, Jir’i Thyn, Eulalia Valldosera, Virginie Yassef


French, English


Fabienne Bernardini, An Schiltz



30.01 – 11.04.2010, Casino Luxembourg


88 pages, colour illus.; 16×22 cm

Published by

Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain, Luxembourg, 2010

ISBN 978-2-919893-81-5



Collective books