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Image credit Ibrahim R. Ineke_

Black Air

Aldo Tambellini, Otto Piene, Ibrahim R. Ineke, Semiconductor, Ayako Kato, Max Kuiper, Lisa Slodki, Hans de Wit
Amelia LiCavoli

In October 2024 Amelia LiCavoli will guest curate a group exhibition which will directly immerse visitors within Black Air. The namesake of the exhibition is the featured reactivation of Aldo Tambellini and Otto Piene's 1968 electromedia installation, which will be joined by additional installations and performances by contemporary artists such as Semiconductor (Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt) and Ayako Kato, and a publication created in collaboration with Ibrahim R. Ineke. Visitors will be invited to adapt their sensorial perceptions and to heighten their awareness of the immaterial energy that is constantly moving through everything—the atoms of our bodies, the technology of artistic media, and the universe.   

Amelia LiCavoli is a Chicago-based curator and writer specializing in intermedia art. Since 2014 she has been developing a book manuscript that documents the underground history of Aldo Tambellini's Black Gate Theater and its integration within experimental-film and electromedia-performance art of the 1960s. Since 2003, Amelia LiCavoli has published catalogue essays, monographs, long-form articles, and exhibition/performance reviews. She has also curated gallery exhibitions and video and film screenings at venues such as Experimental Sound Studio, Artists' Television Access, and Western Exhibitions in the US, Nes Artist Residency in Iceland, and CCRD opderschmelz in Luxembourg.  

Image: Ibrahim R. Ineke



Opening: Friday 04.10.2024, 18:00-21:00