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Louisa Clement, Head 44 (inkjet, 2015)

Bodies of Identities

Younes Baba-Ali, Lorraine Belet, Aline Bouvy, Louisa Clement, Effi & Amir, Aneta Greszykowska, Philomène Hoël, Bharti Kher, Rafal Milach, Alban Muja, Pedro Neves Marques, Julian Palacz, Lukas Panek, Dita Pepe, Lucia Pizzani, Silvia Rosi, Marianna Simnett, Andrzej Steinbach, Vince Tillotson, Romain Vadala
Paul di Felice, Krystyna Dul, Kevin Muhlen, Stilbé Schroeder

After Rethinking Nature (2021), the curatorial team of the European Month of Photography (EMOP) has chosen the theme of Rethinking Identity for its 2023 edition.

This topical subject, which is broken down into various sub-themes, marks a continuity within the EMOP network in the current research of contemporary photography. More than ever, the role of photography and its diffusion on social networks in the construction and deconstruction of identities is crucial today. In this context, Casino Luxembourg will propose two exhibitions related to the general theme: Bodies of Identities and Tills by Raphaël Lecoquierre.

Bodies of Identities questions the complex issues of identity in our contemporary society. Today, questions of identity are posed in relation to equivocal, sometimes conflicting orientations, at the intersection of psychological, philosophical, biological, geographical, cultural and socio-political issues.

The works of some twenty artists face each other to discuss the relationships of subjectivity and social tensions in a world in crisis, while at the same time conjuring up the current hierarchies and politics of identity.

Photo: Louisa Clement – Head 44 (2015). Courtesy the artist.


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